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From 1942 Italghisa S.p.A. is a producer of manganese ferroalloy (FeMn and FeSiMn) for the steel industry.

Ferromanganese and Silicomanganese alloys are produced by carbothermic reduction of manganese oxides ores in submerged arc furnace with heat provided by electrical energy and consumption of coke that act as  reducing agent as well as energy source.

The electric furnace offers some advantages such as higher overall yield of Mn from the ores, less carbon consumption, great flexibility in our ability to produce different grade of alloy to meet the customer requirements.

Health, safety and environment

Italghisa is costantly engaged in improving the efficiency of systems for the protection of health and the environment.

Great effort is also dedicated to finding innovative solutions through collaboration with  university research centers, for the modeling of systems and the construction of high-tech prototypes.

Italghisa, considering the great importance of the fusion of dfferents skills, promotes the creation of research groups that bring together the excellence of various fields involved , to facilitate the production of innovative solutions.


The attention of Italghisa for the preservation of environmetal resources is realized through the careful management of productive assets to maximize the yield extraction of manganese contained in ores,  the reduction of energy consumption through,  the efficient reuse of the intermediates of processing, and the research in collaboration with leading providers of alternative raw materials for ores.

The minimization of the use of water for the process was achieved by careful design of an integrated water management system through which it is possible to use almost all the rainwater.


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Via Gramsci, 184
Bagnolo Mella (BS)-  Italy

Phone: +39 030 6820978
Fax: +39 030 6820818

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